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My name is Mario, and I'm a London-based cinemagraph creator. 

Originally from South Africa, I moved to the UK 11 years ago to pursue new avenues in my career as a cameraman and director of photography.

My film and TV career of 14 years also includes time spent as a partner in a marketing agency, and in the summer of 2015 I took up creating cinemagraphs professionally.

To date, I've shot cinemagraph work for Land Rover, The W Hotel, Shell, Coca-Cola, the UN and The Outnet, and I'm one of the most diverse cinemagraph creators in the world, having covered a vast variety of subject matters.

Some of my work also include 'first of its kind' projects, such as photojournalism and large-format editing for large scale panorama cinemagraphs.

I'm available of local and international commissions, so I'd love to hear about how my work can empower your campaigns!

Mario Sahe-Lacheante
Cinemagraph creator


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