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My name is Mario, and I'm a London-based cinemagraph creator.

I've been doing cinemagraphs for three years and have been focusing on them full time for 18 months, having transitioned out from a career working as a DP and cameraman.

Over the past couple of years, I've shot cinemagraph work for SEAT, Land Rover, The W Hotel, Shell, Coca-Cola, Kenneth Cole Watches, Starbucks, The UN, The Outnet, and a variety of smaller brands, and I'm one of the most diverse cinemagraph creators in the world, having covered a vast variety of brands and products.

Recent work include digital catalogue images for SEAT, for the new SEAT Arona, and creating micro content and cinemagraphs for an Opera Mini digital ad campaign.

I’m passionate about reimagining ideas and photography into motion-driven content like cinemagraphs, and challenging conventional norms in this field.

My spare time is largely dedicated to personal projects that inform some of the ideas and creativity that I’m able to bring to my professional clients, from experimenting with trick photography to creative portraits.

I’m available for UK and international commissions.

Mario Sahe-Lacheante

Cinemagraph creator


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